Tuesday, March 18, 2014

March 6-11, 2014 house sitting

The Killions went to a wedding in Minnesota for 5 days.  Being the great friends that they are, they let me house and cat sit and use their car while they were gone.  The wonderful part for me was that I finished up a lot of projects involving electricity and mobility.  Dave stayed at the boat and was able to tear apart the floor and leave projects out to work on.  No clearing the table and making space to sit for dinner.  Also there is the problem of parking the car here at the boat or leaving the dinghy overnight at the dock. 

On Thursday, Jackie planned to pick me up after work.  That way I could just take them to the airport in the morning.  On Thursday afternoon, we had a heavy thunderstorm with a tornado watch.  This is the second time we put all our hand held electronics in the microwave.  If we are hit by lightning, they are protected inside the metal box.  Then we discussed what we would do if there really was a tornado.  We decided we would do what we could to protect the boat, be ready to get in our dinghy if the boat was going down, and if our time was up, it was up.  The whole thing was over in time for Jackie to pick me up.  I had my personal bag, but we had to pull out our dry bags to pack 2 laptops, a VCR and the remaining  tapes, our scanner,  2 external hard drives and a bag of paperwork.  

I came back to the boat on Friday with the latest batch of packages that were sent to the Killions.  Then I settled in at the Killions with my media center.  I wanted to finish converting our VHS tapes to DVDs and get rid of the VCR and tapes.  These are tapes we made of Peter performing over the years.  The problem is they have to be converted in real time.  And the laptop that has the program can't be used for anything else, hence the second laptop.  So while tapes were running, I set to work scanning papers that we didn't want to physically hang on to.  I also cleaned up the two external hard drives.  Then I cleaned up my documents and downloads on my main laptop because we are going to get rid of it.  But I didn't want to attempt to transfer it to the hard drive.  

By Monday, I returned to the boat to pick up Dave for a dental appointment.  We found a different dentist  than the one who did his exam and what they called a cleaning.  I asked them to send me the digital x-rays.  I found a cavity on the x-rays, then looked in Dave's mouth and could see the cavity.  I guess we may have to return to SD every 6 months for dental care we can trust. 

We also found an accounting/tax firm to do our taxes for us.  Both these places are on our bus line, so we can return if needed without a car.  Have to think of all those things. 

On Tuesday, I loaded up my personal bags, all the electronics, and made a run to Walmart.  I had the car fully loaded, which then had to be loaded into the dinghy in 2 trips to the boat before I could pick up the Killions at the airport with their luggage. 

It was a very productive weekend for both me and Dave.  Plus the Killions didn't have to park their car at the airport.  Their lovely, but occasionally psycho, cat would have been fine either way.  Thanks Jackie and Brian and Devyn.

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