Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 2, 2014 Sunday Drive and project update

Sunday we decided to go for a "Sunday Drive" in our dinghy.  Ft Myers Beach includes Estero Island on the south side of this bay and San Carlos island on the north side.  We found out we could make a loop around San Carlos island and decided to check it out.  We found the Nauti Turtle restaurant.  When you arrive by boat, the captain of the boat gets a free 12 inch pizza.  We had to try one along with their grouper special.  Then we continued around the island until we came to a beach.  We anchored the dinghy in shallow water and walked along a sand bar.  Dave said this was practice for the Bahamas.  Then we tied our dinghy up at a bar with live music in the afternoon.   We met an "old sailor" celebrating his birthday.  We were shocked to find out he was our age.  I think his lifestyle is showing it's affect on him.  He made me a bird out of a couple long leaves.  Normally he sells them for $5 each, but gave me one because we gave him a free beer.   It takes all kinds.

Dave project update:
He has installed a wash down pump for our anchor locker.  For non sailors, the anchor locker is at the front end of the boat.  It stores the chain and rope and extra anchors.  When you bring up your anchor, you often bring mud, and who knows what, up with it and the line.  So now we can wash that down right at the bow. And after our water maker is finished, we will have all the water we need to keep the boat clean.  But that also adds regular jobs, since salt water can be so hard on everything. 

He has continued to work on the water maker as parts arrive.  After a day of tearing up the floor boards and running a hose, he found out they sent him the wrong size.  So he gets to do that over after the correct one arrives along with one other hose he has been waiting for.  That darn weather up north is interfering with the shipping of our orders.  I know, you northerners don't feel sorry for us. 

Our "courtesy lights" are awesome.  We can turn them on with a fob when returning to the boat, or from inside if we think someone is outside of our boat.  Dave's so handy!
Placing the anchor
                                                      Warm water and nice breeze
                                                  Our new friend making me a bird

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  1. Glad we finally found your blog - we finally got back to ESM and the Capn Pappy & the Kids in early December to find Slip D-11 empty. Gary and Debbie were gone as well (back to CO) - sorry we missed your departure but we are following you on the blog and wish you friendly breezes and warm waters! Mike & Cindy