Tuesday, March 4, 2014

March 1, 2014 reoganizing and provisioning

While my sister was here, she slept in the salon area.  Our dinette was made into a bed.  Before putting everything back together, I totally reorganized the storage spaces in the salon area.  Actually, Dave likes to call it the saloon area. 

We have one storage area under our starboard settee, but it is behind the table and hard to access.  We had canned foods in there that we bought in December.  At the time, it was the only empty compartment.  But you can guess  how many times we went into that area for canned foods. 

On the port side of the salon, there is a bench seat with one compartment behind the back cushions and 2 under the seats.  We had miscellaneous things shoved in there. 

SOOOOOOO, I emptied all the compartments, sorted everything by need of accessibility and similar use.  Listed everything that went into each compartment, decided what could go into our storage unit while we are still here, and what could be thrown away.  And ended up with room to spare. Now I have a "pantry".   Yippee!!  Because we think we will need to stock more provisions for going to the Bahamas.  We think we'll be there 3 months and we are told that provisions are expensive or nonexistent in places. 

We have storage space under our bed in the forward cabin-the V berth.  So as we were storing our guest bedding back into that area, we reorganized that, too.  We also cleaned mildew off of shoes and bagged them before storing them again :(   

We have an application on our phone called "what's on my boat".  So I plan to use that to list what is in the compartments.   The first photo was taken in the middle of the process.  I thought of my friend, Cheryl, as I was doing this.  She would look at it a a puzzle and how does everything fit.  This is also why you don't just stop what you are doing and go sailing when the wind is just right.  You have to put away your "toys" before you can play a different game. 

This is my pantry as it is being filled.  Notice that the bottom follows the shape of the boat.  It will be interesting to see how they end up after the first day of sailing.

 Dave rounding up friends to join us for dinner.

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