Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11, 2014 No trolley

After talking to other sailors in the laundromat yesterday (original social network), we decided to check into other local companies that do canvas work for boats.  Dave called Dexter's and talked to someone who said he had an appointment in the area of our boat and would come look at it today.  We were pretty excited.  Dave finished installing his VHF in the cockpit and cleaned up the area to make room to walk about the cockpit.  I even served him breakfast outside.  Beautiful morning.  I don't know why we don't eat in the cockpit more often.  That's going to change.
Waiting for his call, we did some organizing that eliminated another plastic bin :)  I made some beans in a thermos (check out  Had lunch, and still no call back from Dexter's. 

I decided it was time for me to get ready for church and have Dave take me to shore so I could find the bus stop and get to church in plenty of time.  The bus stop was about a block away from where I expected it and around a corner.  But I was plenty early.  The 4:10 bus should stop near the church at 4:25 and I would have to walk about a block to make it to church at 4:30.  Well by 4:30, the bus had not arrived, so I scratched church and will try again in the morning, taking their adjusted schedule into consideration. 

We wanted to watch the Seattle Seahawks and New Orleans Saints football game after church.  So I called Dave to meet me earlier at a restaurant/bar that would be showing the game.  We knew there was one by our dinghy dock that we had been to in November when we were scoping out the area, but I told him I'd look for something new as I walked back to the water.  Another restaurant by our dingy dock had several bar areas.  On the ground floor deck there was live music.  But the second floor had an indoor section with the game on. 

I headed back outside to meet Dave at the dock.  I walked up just as he was tying up the dinghy and said "hey, I'm here to pick up a sailor".  We went to the new place and had to bring 2 doggy bags home.  Their servings were huge.  Nothing wrong with ribs a second day. 

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