Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 10, 2014 Farmer's Market

Today it was great to not have a schedule, not be sick, and to have sunny, warm weather.  I think it was 80 degrees today.  We pulled out the tank tops and shorts.

Dave was relaxing this morning and in no hurry to go anywhere.  I wanted to go to shore to check out the Friday Farmer's Market right by our dinghy dock (place where we can tie up our dinghy since we pay for a mooring ball).  So off I went by myself for the first time in the dinghy.  Woohoo!!  I kept singing the 80's song that got me through dental school "Ain't nothin gonna break my stride, Nobody's gonna  slow me down, oh no, I gotta keep on movin'."  I had so much fun buying fresh fruits, vegetables and breads.  There was also a BBQ stand, so I brought home some pulled pork for lunch. 

This afternoon, we packed up a couple loads of laundry and our shower bags and hopped back in the dinghy.  We have a "ditch bag" in case we have to leave the boat in an emergency situation.  So I call my shower bag my "bitch bag".  I have to say, I can't remember the last time I "fixed" my hair or wore makeup and I'm loving it.  Sorry Heidi about the Mary Kay. 

We were back at the boat by 5:00 and enjoyed Happy Hour in the cockpit of our boat.  Dave even replaced our cockpit VHF microphone.  The old  one wasn't sending very clear messages.  It hangs on a coiled cord and we think it was just time to be replaced.  You can do a radio check on channel 26 and it sounded better. 

We had a great dinner on the boat with fresh farmer's market veggies.  Then we made a new "to do" list for the boat.  It's never ending.  But it felt good to toss the old list with very few things to transfer to the new list.  We could hear the band at the local bar on shore from our boat.  Might have to check that our before leaving here, but if not, we are fine, too.  Maybe there will be an afternoon band for these old sailors.   

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