Monday, December 23, 2013

December 23, 2013 waiting

We are waiting for our weather window to make the leap to the west coast of Florida.  In the meantime, the wind has been howling through the rigging on our boat.  Sure glad we're sitting here and not out on the water. 

Yesterday was another boring boat day at the dock.  I took our laundry to the marina office building.  Their machines were expensive.  But I did get to sit outside while I waited and looked out at the water in St Andrew Bay.  Dave did some more repairs and clean up of the boat.  When you pull up an anchor that has been in mud, you get a lot of mud on the deck of the boat.  Dave plans to install a wash down pump.  He could use fresh or sea water.  Sure would help clean up the mess right away.  (notice how I said HE?) 

He is continuing to sort though all the tools, etc in our "garage" (the aft berth).  We also listened to the sad Packers game. 

This morning, Joe Bob came by to take us to his favorite place for breakfast.  We wanted to pay him back for giving us a couple rides on Saturday.  We went to Big Momma's on the Bayou.  It was a great local family restaurant.  Reminded me of the Colonial House in Rapid City.  Dave ordered the sausage with his eggs.  He had 2 patties that were 1/4 pound each.  Just huge. 

Today, I walked about 10 blocks to a grocery store but called a taxi to get the groceries back to the boat.  We only needed to replenish milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables and some meat.  But that was more than I wanted to carry.  Besides, it was raining. 

When you bring groceries to the boat, there is some work involved with storing things.  For example, I have a hard container that holds a dozen eggs.  So I transfer the fresh ones to that container.  If I have a partial container left, or hard boiled eggs, I will cut the carton to the smallest size I can to make more room in our little refrigerator.  And I will continue to cut it smaller as I use the eggs. 

I take any kind of mixes out of their box, put them in a ziploc bag along with a cut out of any instructions.  Most mix bags aren't air tight.  And if the inside container is only paper, you don't want it to possibly get wet.  We even store toilet paper and paper towels in large ziploc bags.  Everything has the potential of getting wet.  Some groceries are stored in spaces under cushions, so you have to rearrange things just to put everything away.   

We try to get rid of as much garbage as we can before we leave the dock.  We haven't had to worry about it yet, but we plan to store extra garbage, when we are out to sea, in our shower stall.  We even are required by the US Coast Guard to have a written Trash Management Plan.  Reminds me of our OSHA requirements at the dental office.    

THEN, I enjoyed an early Christmas present from Dave (that I requested).  I spent about 4 hours at a spa with a massage, facial, manicure and pedicure.  There is no more room for "things" on this boat.  But this I really enjoyed.  Thanks Dave!!  (He says he's happy with getting a new anchor.)

Here was my view while doing laundry

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