Saturday, November 9, 2013

November 9, 2013 blue/pink jobs

Dave read somewhere that a couple living on a boat divided all the jobs on the boat as blue or pink jobs (boy vs girl jobs).  Since I supported Dave for 20 years, I have been letting him make up for lost time.  But I am slowing working into the pink jobs.
Naturally, I started cooking and cleaning again, still with help from Dave as needed.  I have done a lot of organizing/storing of supplies and personal items.  But as far as the boat is concerned, I have been "Dave's little helper".  He knows so much about the engine, generator, air conditioning, etc (or has me fooled or is learning as he goes).  So I am starting to look for pink jobs to feel more useful.  This week, I took over filling the water tanks.  We have two tanks, a 50 gallon and a 90 gallon tank.  When you are at a marina, there is a faucet at most slips.  So you just have to run a hose to the opening on the deck and hold the hose in place until it's filled.  Anyone could do it.  I even found the shut offs for the tanks to switch them over.  Here is the sunset while I was filling the tanks.
 Now, if the marina doesn't have water at the slip, there may be a common area near the fuel dock where you can get water.  Some marinas are starting to charge for water.  If you are anchoring, you may have to use your dinghy to carry water to your boat.  When we start sailing in less developed areas, we are considering placing a water maker on our boat to be more self sufficient.  It will take the sea water and purify it.
 Today, Dave taught me how to use a heat knife.  So he sent me around the boat trimming the ends of all the lines on the boat.  He said once I learn one more task, I will earn my badge :)
In the meantime, he is learning all about diesel engines and the tune up.  He found a great diesel mechanic in Mobile that has a lot of patience, a sense of humor and is a great teacher.  We are ordering parts from him.  And he is willing to send us parts from anywhere after we leave here.  Needless to say, we are getting the better end of this deal.  We have already purchased a gift certificate to one of his favorite restaurants. 

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