Thursday, November 14, 2013

November 14, 2013 Radar/solar panels

Dave feels like he has been training for living aboard a boat all of his life.  First, he attended vocational school for electronics.  We owned a couple Volkswagons over the years, which gave him experience in engine repair.  He worked installing and repairing dental equipment .  And even his years of rock climbing and mountaineering were helpful.  Many of the knots in the ropes of climbing and sailing are similar.  And his old climbing gear has helped raise him up the mast a couple times already.   Planning to climb a mountain has some similarities to making a passage on a boat.  You have to plan your route, your supplies, the best weather opportunity.  Often the peak (or shore) can be in sight long before it can be reached.
That being said, here is what we are doing this week.  We are waiting for our new friend Ray, the diesel mechanic, to call when our parts are in.  But engine work can be done indoors when it rains over the next few days.  So we are working on outdoor projects in the meantime. 
Mounting the radar:  Dave ordered the Raymarine radar, the pole and the mounting plates all from the same company.  So you'd think they would just go into place.  Well, from Dave's days of installing x-ray machines, he knows that no two dental offices are the same.  So there have been multiple steps involved just to mount the radar.
Second solar panel.  We have a framework with the panel that has to be adapted to fit over the framework of our existing bimini.  Then after making holes through the bimini, those holes need to be sealed with a neoprene patch and sewn closed.  Once we are in Florida, we will have a new bimini and dodger made.  I am researching companies now so we can start the work once we arrive there.  That involves sending them pictures and deciding on material and color and amount.  Then once we have a better idea of when we will arrive there, we can give them a week notice to get on their work schedule.  Once we are there, they will remove our bimini and dodger to copy what we have, make it and install it.  Every framework is unique.
I have totally moved to placing my appointments on my phone calendar.  We have not owned a paper wall calendar for a few years now.  But when it comes to deadlines, there is something about having that visual in front of you.  So I took a sheet of paper, drew the month of November at the top, and listed our projects under it.  We really want to be out of here by the end of the month or sooner.  Wish us luck!
These pictures give you a view of the existing bimini and dodger.  Our existing dodger has windows that can be closed or rolled up.  We want to look into the options of enclosing the sides and back end in a similar fashion for more protection in rain/wind.   Can't wait to show you the new ones we will get for Christmas.

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