Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013 Brown job

Yesterday, we had an unpleasant afternoon.  A couple days ago, we thought we that our forward head had a strong smell (the bathroom).  We have put sensors on the holding tanks, but Dave hasn't hooked them up until we have some other things done that will all be hooked up at the same time.  So we are guessing when to empty the holding tanks.  The day after we pumped out the head, there was still a bad odor, but it was in our cabin just outside the head, not in the head. 
Dave took the wall off of the front of the holding tank.  There is an  opening with a cover screwed shut.  But we could see a small line running down the front of the tank from the bottom of this cover.  Evidently, once the tank is full, if you pump it any further, this is a release area.  So we took up the  floor boards in our front cabin and found BROWN WATER in the bilge.  The smell was even stronger, as you can imagine.  We brought out the gloves, bleach, paper towels and garbage bags and went to work cleaning up the mess.   We opened up adjacent areas of the bilge, but luckily the waste was only in the one compartment.  Once in other parts of the bilge,we decided to treat the keel bolts with corrosion spray. 
So when we finally got the boat put back together, the cleaning and treatment spray smells were too strong to consider cooking dinner.  So we went to our favorite chicken wing hang out and enjoyed a few beers and a little football.  I just keep looking at pictures of tropical islands and it keeps me going.  We'll be there soon and it will all be worth it!!


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