Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29, 2013 boat info

Many of our sailing friends want to know what we have done to the boat since we bought it and what we are working on now.  So this entry will be more technical.  Dave started installations this summer (along with downsizing and moving out of our condo) but had to stop Sept 3 for a hernia operation.  Our installations resumed after we returned from SD/MN late October.   Part of Sept and Oct, the boat was pulled out of the water to do some installations by our marina mechanics. 

2 solar panels Kyocera 140 watt each, along with the controller and racks for mounting them over our bimini.  One was mounted before Sept.  We discovered how cheap our bimini is made in the process. 
Single Side Band radio.  Dave has installed the antenna & tuner, the grounding system and the speaker.  It still needs to be connected to the power source and tested. 
New 3 blade Max prop before launching the boat, but we added a Salca zinc line cutter to the prop when the boat was pulled out.
We bought 2 new anchors, an aluminum Fortress and a Delta 44lb plow to add to our 45lb Bruce.  We purchased additional rode and chain and a snubber to allow us to use all chain or up to 3 anchors with rode and chain.
ABAL10 dinghy-a 10.5 ft aluminum bottom with chaps, cover, lift straps and storage bag.  We also bought a system to be able to mount in on the deck in an upright position for overnight storage called Sof-chock.  15 HP Mercury outboard motor with lifting  strap and lock.  Richard assures me that I will be have the strength to start it.  The boat came with a smaller dinghy and motor which we sold at a used sports store. 
Raymarine digital Radar and Raymarine c95 chart plotter.
icom AIS transponder-sends and receives a digital signal that identifies our boat
icom VHF radio to be able to network with the AIS-replaced original VHF
Wirie WiFi booster-will pick up signals and send wireless throughout our boat
EPIRB-emergency position indicator rescue beacon to use if we abandon ship
Coast Guard compliant items-fire extinguishers, flare kit, regulation signs, etc. Other safety devices-life sling, SOS Dan Bouy MOB (man over board) throw bag.  Registered with company that will signal them if thrown overboard.  Other storm gear-parachute and drogue
Installed tank monitors for holding tanks and water tanks.  And we have a back up tank monitor for the fuel tank.  We have 2 holding tanks for the 2 heads at 22 gallons each.  2 water tanks 55 & 90 gallon.  And we are in the process of shocking the 90 gallon tank because of a foul taste from sitting in storage.  Fuel is 54 gallon. 
Asymmetrical spinnaker and appropriate sheets and tackle
10 lb aluminum propane tank to replace a 5lb steel tank and add to our other 10lb aluminum tank-used for our grill and our stovetop and oven.  NO COFFEE MAKER.  We are heating water in a tea kettle for instant coffee-a compromise we have chosen.

While boat was pulled in Sept and Oct:
Replaced a bank of windows on the deck.  They are for light only-do not open.  One side was leaking when we bought the boat and the other side was leaking after moving the boat to AL.  Our marina attempted to re-bed the windows, but they broke in the process.  So they had to be custom made in Mobile and then installed, before the boat was taken out of the water because the boat can take on a different shape out of the water.
Mounted a 2 inch rub rail full length of the boat.
Compound and wax the hull and removed the old name and hailing port. 
Placed a dynaplate-a grounding plate to tie all the metals together
Placed shaft zinc and prop zinc-there seems to be excessive current in our marina which wants to eat away any metal under water.  So to protect our prop, keel and through hulls, we are adding zincs.  We even hung an external zinc off of our stays.  Long term solution, get out of this marina.

Projects that need to be completed:
Dave just talked to someone today in Mobile about making us a new bimini
Mount the other solar panel
Chart plotter was installed this week, so now mount Radar and pole on the stern
Diesel Engine maintenance- received a parts manual for free today in Mobile and ordered a service manual, so that project is yet to be determined
Take our dinghy out of storage, attach chaps, mount Sof-chock system on deck
Connect power to SSB and AIS and WiFi booster
Set tank monitors

We are hoping to add a water maker in the future.  Boaters have always been known to be frugal with their water.  But some marinas are starting to charge you for water.  Plus we would like to be more self sufficient.

I have been told that cruising is just working on your boat in beautiful places.  So maintenance will be a way of life.  

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