Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 27, 2013-Sunday on a boat

Sunday on a boat.  I have to plan more time to get ready for church.  I now have to get my blow drier, curling iron and make up out of it's compartment and put it back.  Don't have the luxury of a bathroom vanity.
First meal cooked on our grill.  We had to find the grill in the lazarette (storage unit in the cockpit), clean it and mount it on the push pit or stern rail (railing on back of boat).  We don't have all of our cooking dishes out of storage yet, so the grill was perfect. 

We spent the day cooking and working on the boat so we could play this evening.  We don't have TV, so we have been listening to the World Series on the ESPN radio as part of the Tunein ap.  But tonight, the Vikings and Green Bay Packers were playing at the same time as the World Series.  So we went to Baumhauer's sports bar for appetizers and beer and watched both games on big screens.  My designated driver had a chocolate milk shake, which a beauty according to him. 

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