Wednesday, June 7, 2023

October 18-28, 2022 Marina life and family news

 10-18 I flew back to Brunswick today.
While I was gone, Dave figured out our freezer problem.  He replaced the “freon”, or whatever is being used these days, and it worked fine.  We don’t ever plan to totally shut it off in the future.  The solar panels keep it running while we are gone.  We will mostly empty the refrigerator and freezer anyway.  

Dave made a shade curtain for the stern of the boat that will zip into the same zippers for the isinglass curtains.

We still have a small water leak that ends up under our engine.  Dave decided to replace the engine water exhaust through hull.  It was rusted and a bolt had broken.  

10-19-22 My brother Don had surgery for a biopsy of his bladder.  Then he’ll find out what the treatment plan will be.
10-21 We had another nice women’s luncheon at the marina.

10-22 We had a mini Oktoberfest on our dock this evening.  We had a potluck German dinner.  There were actually 2 people on our dock that make their own sauerkraut.  Tasty.  
10-24 We cleaned our dinghy today.  We hung it on a halyard off the mast to access both sides.  We used a cleaner called Orange Off.  I’m sure it was an orange solvent that I was told was cancerous years ago.  We used gloves while scrubbing and it did a fanatic job.  

Afterwards, we mounted the outboard on the dinghy and went for a ride around the marina.  

The marina was having an employee appreciation evening on a power boat.  We happened to be passing them and took a few photos.


10-27 We had our monthly FaceTime chat tonight.  Don found out his cancer is very aggressive and he will have to have his bladder removed!!  He always has a good attitude.  If that’s what it takes, that’s what he’ll do.  
10-28 Dave spent the day cleaning the deck of the boat.  I cleaned the conch shells we had brought back with us.  Then we can put them in storage until I can decorate a house or home someday.  
We ended up having an impromptu happy hour on the top of our dock.  We had pizza delivered to share.  Fun dock mates. 

October 9-17, 2022 Sister's home in Oklahoma

 Sunday My sister, Janice Moore, picked my up at Chelle’s on Sunday.  We drove to OK to help our other sister's home, Beverly Krause, do some packing for moving.  We spent the night at Council Bluff, Iowa and had dinner nearby.

Monday We drove the rest of the way to Harrah, OK.  My back was really bothering me again.  Sheryl had sold me an old TENS unit of hers which helped.  We drove out to see the property where Bev and her son/family are building a home together.  Then we returned to Bev’s for dinner.

Tuesday.  We helped sort through Bev’s kitchen cupboards and her back deck today.  We had a wonderful dinner at my favorite restaurant in OK, the Royal Bavaria German Restaurant.



Wednesday Today we worked on cleaning and organizing Bev’s garage and the attic.  The attic was mostly Christmas decorations.  That night we went to a Mexican restaurant in Harrah.  


Thursday We tackled Bev’s bedroom today.  We made dinner at home in a crock pot while working today.  No photos of us eating out.


since it was October, we thought we should sample some Oktoberfest beers throughout the week

Friday. We worked on Bev’s hall closet today.  It is a walk in closet that is also her tornado shelter.  We also packed her salt and pepper shaker collection.  

 Bev’s grand daughter, McKenna was a cheerleader at her high school football game.  We joined their family and had a fun night.  It’s been a long time since I have been to a high school football game. On the way home, we stopped at a taco wagon and took them to Bev’s to eat.  Yummy!

top-Mary, Bev, middle-Janice, McKenna, Kevin, front- Mya, Macy

Saturday Bev had a sorority social luncheon at Birra Pizzeria.  Janice and I went along, but had lunch by ourselves.  

Janice and I were chilling while Bev finished her lunch/meeting


We spent the afternoon and evening at Kevin and Melanie’s.  Kevin, Bev’s son, smoked a Boston butt for dinner.  Always great BBQ and Melanie’s sides are always great.


Sunday. Janice left this morning at 7:00 to drive back to South Dakota by herself.  We had packed her car with things for a couple different charity organizations she knew of in Aberdeen.    We had a nice dinner at Beverly’s church after mass.  Then we hung out and watched football.  Bev refused to do anymore sorting and packing.  

Monday. Bev and I went to Lowe’s to look at kitchen cabinets today.  I don’t ever want to build a home.  Too many decisions to make.  I flew back to Georgia on Tuesday.

October 4-8, 2022 VRBO in MN and return to Sioux Falls, SD

Tuesday.  We had another nice day at the VRBO enjoying each other’s company.  We played Triominos outside on the deck.  I had everyone do a Walk at Home workout video with me on the deck. Lori and I went for a walk and enjoyed the fall colors.  We had dinner of leftovers, and Lori went home after dinner.

swans on the lake

their homemade fence for the garden


the puzzle Lori and I completed

 Wednesday.  We spent most of the morning packing up.  We stopped in Brainard for a late breakfast.  Our cousins, Vern and Ruth Schaefer, have a home on a lake that really wasn’t out of our way to stop and visit.  Vern was out of town, but Ruth was home. Gail is also related to them and had never been to their lake home.  Always a nice visit with Ruth.  We made it back to Sioux Falls by 5:00.

Thursday. We went out for breakfast at the Fry’n Pan near Sheryl’s.  After we ate, Sheryl picked up her dog.  I went with Gail to get gas and get packed back at Sheryl’s.  Gail wanted to see Bella, Sheryl’s dog, before leaving and left late that evening. Sheryl and I hung out at her house and watched the movie about Elvis.

 Friday I helped Sheryl unpack and get settled again 

Saturday Sheryl dropped me off at Chelle Hart’s house that afternoon.  I guided Chelle at Ski for Light for several years back in the the 90’s.  Her brother picked us up for church then dropped us off at Stubbies for beer and burgers in her neighborhood.  We used Lyft to go to her home for the night.  She was gracious enough to let me watch college football, and seemed to enjoy it, too.  Roll Tide!!